Enjoying the ride

As humans, we are on a journey. A personal journey. Your destination could be different than mine. But what’s most important is to enjoy the ride. The road to your destination can be bumpy, unclear or maybe long. Enjoying the ride is something I must certainly learn.

Recently I was in Switzerland for summer break. We were staying in holiday homes we’ve rented through Airbnb. On a saturday we had to go to house no. 2 in a village called Gstaad. I’ve noticed that I couldn’t enjoy the ride because we had to reach our destination (the house) at a certain time. We drove through beautiful villages along the way but I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would when I wouldn’t feel that time pressure.

It got me thinking. I could see the parallels with my daily life. First of all I’m just very impatient. If I got something on my mind, I want it now.

But second, the concept of time just isn’t my thing. I’m a person who hates to be late so I’m always looking at the clock. This really gives me tension. The moment I know I will be late, I’m getting grumpy, angry with myself and I get a real narrow view. The only thing on my mind in that moment is getting there.

I realized that we both reached the same destination at the same time, but we experienced the ride completely different.”

Let me take you back to Switzerland. My boyfriend on the other hand is someone who enjoys the ride no matter what. He will stop at every beautiful scenery he encounters to take pictures, be in awe with nature and just enjoys himself. Can you imagine how that works out with someone like me in the car? Me: “Honey can we please go now?! We have to be on time.” What a party pooper.

During this trip, I realized that we (my boyfriend and me) both reached the same destination at the same time, but we experienced the ride completely different. I can learn a lot from this trip in my daily life. Whatever the destination is, for god sake please enjoy the ride!

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  1. Well said Deborah! So true!

    1. Hi Suraya, thank you for your compliment! X

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