How I love it when synchronicities occur in my life! It’s like the universe gives me the thumbs up. It’s such a motivation to continue this journey. The signs are hidden in little events, but when it finds you in unexpected ways, it has an amazing impact.

As I drove to my work, I listened to a podcast of Oprah Winfrey featuring Eckhart Tolle.  I felt ok, but I wasn’t exactly in alignment while I was driving.  I was expecting to drive smoothly to my work but traffic didn’t meet my expectations. A truck in front of me drove painfully slow and as I overtook the truck, another one appeared in front of me. Annoyance started to kick in. “Why do all these trucks take this road at this hour?”, I thought. “Don’t they know they slow people down who are wanting to go to their job!”

I tried to enjoy the view and listen to the podcast. As I listened, I heard Eckhart Tolle explain that the greatest suffering comes from not accepting reality as it is. People always tend to think things should be different. The gap between expecting one thing and experiencing something different, is what causes anxiety when it isn’t accepted. He also told that if you start to accept reality, things around you start to shift in a perfect way.

I chuckled and thought about my own situation. I expected to drive smoothly through traffic and I couldn’t even accept the traffic. I realised these trucks could teach me something and I decided to experiment with my feelings and thoughts.

The signs are hidden in little events, but when it finds you in unexpected ways, it has an amazing impact.”

The Universe, willing as it is, accepted the challenge. On the way to work, I have the possibility to take a shortcut. The downside of the shortcut is the bridge. When it’s open, you are screwed because the delay is significant and at a certain point, there is no turning back.  There is a sign which tells you if the bridge is open or not, but sometimes the sign turns on right after you passed it. So, it’s always a gamble.

I saw the signs were off and decided to go for the shortcut. As I took the exit, I saw the lights turn on, but it was still possible to make it on time.  As I stepped on the gas, a tractor popped up in front of me and blocked the road. I couldn’t turn anymore and saw the crossing gates turned down.

My ego was screaming: “What the hell, you will not make it on time, there will be no parking space left!”  The other part of me started to smile. “Of course,” I thought. “Time to learn to accept life as it is.” As I stopped I saw the boat sailing towards the bridge. I knew this would delay me for at least 15 minutes.

I started to accept the situation and I said it out loud: “I accept this fully as it is. This situation is perfect as it is and I am perfect as I am.”  I turned down the engine and decided to open the window and enjoy the rest of the podcast. I surrendered and felt peace.

As I felt the relaxation entering my body, out of nowhere, the crossing gates opened.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; the boat was still approaching and what happened was out of the ordinary. At first, I didn’t even start my engine because I was afraid the crossing gates were malfunctioning. As I saw the other cars driving, I started to smile and cry at the same time.  Not because I would be on time, not because I didn’t have to wait or got what I wanted. It was a sign from the universe that I was on the right track and the crossings signs opening up were a gesture of pure love.

This was a sign, a gift, that was brought in a way I least expected. It left me no doubt that it came from a greater mind. It was maybe a small external event but a big step in my internal expandition.

Do you have a similar experience? I would love to hear it!

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