The Power Of 'What If'

A Story about practising 'The Law Of Attraction' 

A Beginner @ LOA

Gradually I’m starting to accept the law of attraction as a fact. It’s a mix of magic and science. Magic because science hasn’t found an explanation or evidence of its existence yet.

There was a time electricity was magic for people and I believe there’ll be a time that law of attraction will be a fact instead of some woo-woo philosophy.

That said, I’m not a pro yet, far from that. I’m on a journey to find out how it works. One of the things that challenged me was creating the feeling of already being in the experience I desired. I find it very challenging because of the things you already experienced in your life before.

Money for example. For years I’ve lived under the same financial circumstances and I find it really hard to imagine becoming wealthier. Therefore, I start with things that are easier to imagine.

Start with something easy

The other day I played with something smaller, but the result was big. To share a little background, the last years of my career were very challenging because I was in charge of a dysfunctional team. The past few months, every time I met my superiors it was because there was something difficult or negative to discuss. Last week I noticed my boss closing the door of his office with a serious look on his face. I could read from his face there was something secret and delicate he had to talk about. When I left the building, shortly after that incident, I noticed a missed call. It was my boss. He asked me where I was, because he had to discuss something with me which wasn’t possible to discuss over the phone. He asked me to meet him in his office first thing the day after. I started to worry immediately. What was it this time…I felt negative vibrations entering my body while I was driving home.

Pay attention to the negative emotions

 I thought about Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. The following conversation started in my head.

“There was a time electricity was magic for people and I believe there’ll be a time that law of attraction will be a fact instead of some woo-woo philosophy.”

  • “ I feel discomfort. What is my inner guidance system telling me?”
  • “ Idon’t want to have difficult conversations and nasty arguments with my colleagues anymore.”
  • “ What is it what you do want? Can you pivot your thoughts?
  • “I want a meaningful job where I can contribute to society. I want to help this country to make it a safer place. I want to connect with my co-workers so that we can work in a harmonious and effective way.”  

At this point I wasn’t feeling it yet, there were no good vibes to discover in my body. The experience of bad conversations for the last year, produced a path in my brain that matched a nervous anxious feeling. These thoughts and feelings were so familiar, that it was really hard to produce a new path, let alone a new feeling. I couldn’t convince my body and brain to believe the new story.

My inner conversation continued:

  • “Let’s play the ‘what if game’. What is the best thing you can imagine that can happen when you enter your boss his office tomorrow?”
  • “Well, what if he offers me an amazing task where I can feel useful and where i can contribute.” 
  • “How would that feel?”
  • “Totally weird, but I’ll give it a try. “


Visualizing a good outcome 

I started to imagine the situation. I visualised the office, I saw the smile and excitement on my boss’s face, I felt my heart beating faster because of what he told me. I didn’t force my brain to believe it, I just played the ‘What if?’ scenario instead of the ‘You should’ scenario.

Slowly it felt like it already happened.  I thanked my boss for this amazing opportunity. I tried to maintain the feeling as long as possible and I also said to myself: “I will be so thankful if this will happen, but I also know that I can handle anything that will happen tomorrow in this office because I am in charge of my own reality.” 

I felt immediate relief and let the thoughts and feelings go. I noticed I was already so happy with that relief, that any outcome would not even matter anymore.

Happy, Thank you, More Please!

The next morning, I was still relaxed. Normally I’d wait in front of my boss his office, like a control freak, so I could find out as soon as possible what was wrong.

To make a long story short… he told me that he had a secret amazing job for me for the next 4 weeks and he wanted to know if I was available. I saw the smile on his face while he told me what the job would be and I felt the excitement just like I imagined the day before.

I was and I still am in awe of the power of the ‘what if’ game I played.

Do you have a similar experience? I would love to hear it! Leave a comment below.

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